Granary Road Christmas Market (YYC)


Looking for a last minute present and something festive to do before Christmas? Why not support YYC's local economy by hitting up the Granary Road Christmas Market? Being one of Calgary's newest Christmas traditions, you will find a variety of items from food to crafts to activities before the Christmas season.


Granary Road is a public market. There is no entry or parking fee for shoppers, with 50 vendor booths setup in a 25,000 square-foot market space. If you are tired of the shopping, there are plenty of winter activities, including $10CAD photos with Santa or the alpacas, $20CAD terrarium building classes for your kids, and other free activities like wagon rides, ice skating, snowman building, fire pits, and marshmallow roasting.

Vendors can fill out the form and get more information from Granary Road's website here:


According to Tourism Calgary, Granary Road is the only market with a full restaurant and bar. Salt Box offers a custom local menu where food is made from the local fresh supply of ingredients. You'll find yourself filled with French fries, meatballs, pretzel balls, and Alberta's famous AAA beef burgers.


The greens market sells vegies and fruits from both Alberta and BC at a fairly decent price, comparable with the big supermarkets like the local Superstore. You will also be glad that these are grown without the use of pesticides!


Hungry, but don't feel like eating a full meal? There are various snacks you can pick up along the way, including tarts, pies and apple caramel dips. Pick one up before heading out for the activities would be a bonus.


If you're an organics foodie, there are plenty of shops that offer natural and pesticide-free jams and many other snacks, ranging from 100% pure jam to unpasturized honey to tea leaves to olive oil in addition to the vegies and fruits section, as mentioned above.

Tired of the food? Check out the variety of gift shops around the market. There are items ranging from bedding to wooden crafts and much more.


Bonus: Even the local firefighters were here giving the kids a tour of their truck!