- Name: Preston Yuen
- Screen Name: medevacvii
- Birthplace: Canada
- Nationality: Canadian
- Languages: English, Chinese (Cantonese)
- Hobbies: Travelling, Gaming, Photography, Blogging, Skiing


Before my grandma passed away, she always told me, “Go explore the world! Don’t stick around old people like me; we’re too high maintenance at this age..." I went to Japan in 2013, which was when she passed away, sadly. I vowed to myself to never be filled with such guilt and regret again, hence why I have started this blog.

As you may have guessed, I’m a techie, but also an amateur photographer and yearn to travel. It would seem like none of these things are related, but it somehow personally clicked. Keeping up with tech helps me stay ahead of the curve and keeps my mind alert. I view the world “through the looking glass.” In other words, I bring a camera everywhere I go, regardless if it’s my phone or my full-blown dSLR setup.

From a young age, I always got bored; I never sat still. I was always looking for something to do. Both my parents worked in IT in programming and infrastructure, so I was very exposed to working with my hands, especially in technology, in addition to being able to apply my knowledge. Naturally, I work in IT full time and always dreamed of becoming an architect of a technologically advanced empire. Now that I think of it, it was a very unrealistic dream. I have since moved on to looking at life through a different set of lens (figuratively and literally) by traveling using my photography equipment. Besides being stuck in a chair for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, the reason for this website is document and share with friends, family, and everyone else about my travels through blogging and potentially vlogging in the future.


  1. Do you accept friend requests on Facebook and/or other social media?
    As much as I would love to, I would much rather prefer to keep some of my social life private for those that are close friends. You can always follow me on my Facebook page, Instagram or Twitter.

  2. What photo/video gear do you use?
    Currently, I use a Canon 5D MkIV outfitted with a 24-105mm f/4L and a 70-300mm f/4-5.6, but I also have an old GoPro Hero 3 Black. I also use a Gorilla tripod for more versatility and tricky angles, but I usually just use a standard tripod for more stability.

  3. Do you write blog posts for free?
    Nothing is ‘free’ in this world. Even if it is free monetarily speaking, someone somewhere still has to put in the effort and time to write something up. Hence, there is always some sort of compensation for work being done. You can message me and we can always work something out! Feel free to use my contact page to get in touch: medevacviimedia.com/contact

  4. I like to share the post(s) on your blog. How do I do that?
    Please don’t copy and paste 100% of the blog posts. Instead, please share the link and copy only 1 paragraph. As usual, please cite your sources by crediting me. Thanks!